Week 22a- Bad thoughts begone!

Are they still there? Do my Negative Nelly- keep me small- too scared to try- I told you so- it’ll never work-you’re not worthy- it’s too hard – voices still talk to me? Have they abandoned me?
Do they think they are too good for me now?
Nope. It’s more like they know they are no longer running the show. They are not in charge anymore. They’ve got no clout. They really can’t bend my ear these days.
Oh sure, they might catch my attention. And sure, they might dangle some shiny opinions in front of me and throw some “old blueprint” in my face. But I pay them no heed.
I am in charge. And I am rewriting my blueprint. I’ve got some new tools. I’m reading some “old scrolls”. I’ve got some “master keys”.
Yep. Feeling BOLD and ENTHUSIASTIC which is the way to tell my old voices to “talk to the hand”



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