Week 23 – life sure can be ARD


There’s a story my father had told me that always brings a smile to my face. You may have heard it.
Two brothers had been behaving badly. So badly in fact that their farmer father had finally had enough and locked them in the barn as punishment. That barn was filled waist
deep with manure.
The one brother was obviously upset and tried to keep as still as possible. The other brother was laughing and jumping and diving and having a great time.
The first brother says “are you crazy?! Can’t you see we are locked up in a barn full of crap?”
The other brother responds “I know! Isn’t it great. With all this crap around here we are bound to find the pony too!”

Both brothers saw the reality of the situation but the second brother also accepted it and made the best of it.

We have now learned the “ARD” of the Law of least effort.
Acceptance. I am accepting of all situations, persons, and circumstances as they come. In doing so I am staying real.
Responsibility. I am responsible for all of my situations. No one else is. In knowing this I have the power to change or improve any situation. I blame no one for I am a warrior not a victim.
Defenselessness. I no longer will defend my position. Others can think what they want. They may agree with me. They may not. I am open to their views and may agree with them, or not. I will not be attached to any point of view.

Applying the law of least effort means creating each day as if I were an “ARDist”


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