Press Release (still needs some work)

Interview of multimillionaire dentist/entrepeneur Jason Goldshlager
By Darren Hardy
Dentist and golfer, well that makes sense. But throw into the mix, comic book artist, top-level network marketer, entrepreneur, martial artist, author, and family man. Has JG found a “Ground Hog Day” time machine? The year is 2020, and as far as I know, there still hasn’t been a time machine invented yet.

Well, I had the opportunity to sit down with JG, after his launch party of his latest book, “ Just what in the Bleep are you looking at?” We sat down for a nice cup of iced coffee at the Westin Diplomat Hotel, outside at the pool area, overlooking the ocean.

Jason, thank you for this time together. I’ll do my best to keep us on track. Let us start with the obvious, the title of your new book. How did you come up with that, as it seems somewhat confrontational.

Thanks Darren. It is my pleasure to sit down with you. “ Just what in the Bleep…” is referring to us looking at and in ourselves. The book provides some questions and insights as to what we are being in our lives and why we do what we do and how it is we have what we have. I’m actually working on a children’s version of it now. I just think it would be great to reach kids while they are still developing, instead of after the proverbial walls have gone up.

Jason, you have accomplished much in your relatively short life; successful dentist, network marketer, author, charitable foundation I mean you are only 50, right?

– looking back, what would you say had the biggest impact on your life

Well, aside from marrying my beautiful wife and having our awesome girls, I would have to say it was the Master Keys mastermind alliance program.


Im sorry, the what?

The MKMMA was something that I was introduced to not so long ago. And it wasn’t something that I was looking for. Seven years ago, my AC>N business seemed to be going nowhere. A friend told me that he had heard of a program called Go90Grow, where skills were taught to network marketers. The yellow gold in that program was the study of Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. But the blue diamond, if you will, was the attached study program of Haanel’s Master Key System. Up until the MKMMA, I had learned lots, been to weekend self development seminars, read lots of books, watched The Secret. But nothing really seemed to make a difference for me. I know about a lot of things, but I didn’t actually KNOW anything. Through the MKMMA I was able to actually map out a new life-blueprint for myself. One that I designed and made decisions on. One that led me to where I am now.


What were some of your trials and tribulations?


Getting my ego under wraps – it definitely fought me a lot of the time. The fundamental change in my blueprint was necessary to do that. But thankfully I followed the steps this time with MKMMA.

We tend to think that only people that are high on themselves have an ego problem, or a big ego. But they aren’t the only ones. If we resist change and growth for the better, things that stretch our limits, fight with others, including loved ones, that’s our ego. It tries to “protect” us by keeping us right and not letting us question ourselves or feel insecure. But that’s the rub, because that is the only way to grow.


At this point, the waiter came by to see if we wanted to have any lunch. I ordered a plain hamburger with ketchup, and JG ordered a garden salad specifically asking for blue cheese dressing and anchovies.

Who have you been able to help?

I love that I have been able to help the masses become bigger and better for themselves. Through ACN” I was able to lead them to a new frontier. Where they could change their financial destiny. Where they uwould look at themselves and realize that they too had to grow in order to do that. Once I hit the level of Regional Vice President in Dec 2017, I was able to scale back my full time dental career. This allowed me to help even more people by showing others within my organization the skills needed to help others. Dentistry is, has, and will always be great. I get a lot of joy helping people with their dental health. But that has always been one person at at time. Network marketing as allowed me to leverage myself, and has taught me so much. Just last year, on April 30, 2019, I took that model, and started a charitable foundation that looked after the under privileged dental needs This too has also brought me a great sense of worth Dentistry, at a basic level should be available to everyone. A nice healthy smile can make for a healthy mind and body.

And of course, I believe this book, “ What the Bleep…” will help many people see what they just aren’t seeing now


What has been your favorite thing to do?

It has always been golfing with my girls. To be able to spend some “alone” time with them in some of the most beautiful groomed parks playing a game we all love, that mimics life so closely…that is just wonderful. I love that we have travelled the world and golfed in some far out places, from St Andrews to Augusta to Caeserea in Israel.

Travelling too, I would say. There are so many wonders in our world, even the most basic things, like visiting a village in another part of the world How the people live and what they do. I love seeing the little nuances of their lives. We took a trip to Costa Rica about 4 years ago, and loved touring the forests and getting some really good coffee. I love coffee. Also, 3 years ago, I took my whole family, mother, brother, in laws to Hawaii for 3 weeks. That was such a blessing. What a beautiful place. Everybody loved it and there was such bonding going on.



How did you keep your faith?

Well, the thing is, it is most difficult going from good to great. I had a pretty good life, and if I kept going the way I was, I’d be comfortable. But I really felt that I owed it to myself to be more. After all, I am a part of g-d and he didn’t stop on the 5th day saying he was comfortable with what he’d done. I think we owe it to ourselves to be all that we can. And being resigned just doesn’t fit into that equation. So when things got tough, when my business was being challenged back in 2013, it would be easy to have said, “ahhh screw it! What the heck do I need this headache for?” But I just felt that I was on the right path, and that struggle was just part of the journey.


You genuinely appear to be having fun –

I am and have been for some time now. I have also fulfilled on a childhood dream of being a comic book artist. I always had a talent for drawing and painting, but lost touch with it years ago. However, back in 2015, I put myself into art lessons. I wanted to draw again, and wanted some instruction. I really loved what I was starting to do, and in 2018 figured I would put a portfolio together and submit it to Marvel comics. Well it got accepted and I did some cover art for The Incredible Hulk series.

What is next for JG?

Good question. Right now, I am just looking forward to going back to our place in Florida for the next month. Marcy and I just want to relax in the sun and enjoy some family time with the girls. We are planning our 22nd wedding anniversary, a trip to South Africa, lion safari and all. It is so much fun actually planning this thing out.

But I will also do some work on my golf game. I’ve entered a couple of club championships at Trump International, and this time am looking to win!






9 thoughts on “Press Release (still needs some work)

  1. Jason I enjoyed reading your PR. I love the part about your girls traveling with you around the world golfing. You will have to share some of your artwork. too. I am also excited about the charitable foundation, helping children with their dental needs. Wow, and anniversary celebration taking a lion safari. What fun life is!

  2. hey Jason – I am in ACN too! I live in Brisbane,Australia. Really enjoyed reading your press release and your goals for a dentistry foundation! Way to go!

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