Week 18-Be happy, don’t worry

Bobby Mcferrin sung don’t worry, be happy.
I say be happy and you won’t have to worry. Worry after all is a condition of not being in the now. We are either thinking of yesterday and it’s heartaches , or tomorrow and it’s anxieties.

In order for us to be happy we must place our attention and therefore our interest in gratitude.
Being interested in being grateful keeps our attention on what to be grateful for. Knowing that puts us in a state of gratitude which results in happiness. Which everyone at a basic level is interested in.

It takes effort and practice to stay in the present. It is so easy to lose ourselves in yesterday’s mistakes and tomorrow’s worries. Both of which leave us in a present state of anxiety. And even if we look at yesterday’s triumphs and tomorrow’s victories, that can lead to a state of anxiety in the now, as we compare what we achieved or will achieve to what is NOT happening now. I think that if we can
remember to BE happy and grateful NOW our mind will not dilly dally in the past or future and there will be no room for worry.

A lot of our exercises and homework in the MKMMA are helping us with the needed effort and practice. From studying Hannel’s Master Key, to writing out daily gratitude cards, daily silent-sits, and reading the Greatest Salesman in the World.

Scroll V from “The Greatest Salesman” tells us to “live this day as if it were my last”. Well, if today were my last day I wouldn’t waste time complaining or reminiscing about yesterday. Nor would I fret about or look forward to tomorrow. I would just make sure to BE HAPPY about today. And look for and do things that are congruent with happiness.
In doing so I vibrate at a higher frequency and my thoughts are of a better quality. I thus am
planting the seeds in my subconscious that will bring about more happiness. And if there is a tomorrow, I’m already set up to be happy.



4 thoughts on “Week 18-Be happy, don’t worry

  1. Jason,

    If this were my last day on earth, I wouldn’t complain or worry about anything either…except whether my elevator will go up or down after I’m gone. .Your posts are always very upbeat. Nice work.


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