Week 17a – it ain’t easy

It ain’t easy being me trying to really get down to being me.
In the mkmma we are peeling back our layers and getting down to who we really are. And we do this while studying past teachers of mankind. Those that have found their true selves and that have shared the ingredients on how we too can connect and create our truest self which is really one with G-d and the Universe.
And it ain’t easy.
The ego and the old blueprint keep throwing up walls or creating mazes or sweet talking you into “the old way” of doing things.
It is 230 am as I write this blog.
My ego said that I don’t need to. My old blueprint said I don’t have to.
But I have peeled them off and told them to “take a hike!”
Yeah, maybe this blog is not very deep, but this is what struck me as I was doing my final reading of Scroll IV from The Greatest Salesman. The “increasing my knowledge of mankind and myself…” stuck out at me.
I must do things differently and follow the program the way it was designed, not MY way.
At least this way I can grow. And get closer to being my true self.


8 thoughts on “Week 17a – it ain’t easy

  1. Doing what has to be done is the short way to the end. I wait you avec there (and as I chosen persistence this week, I add) persistently. Great post.

  2. Jason

    I didn ‘t stay up unil 2:30 but I asked myself the me questions at 6:00 A.M this morning. I battled the old blueprint for a bout 10 minutes and then got up and completed all my reading and affirmations as is my routine….just not that early on Sunday.

    Kudos to both of us for winning the battle.


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