week 17 – under construction

As of three weeks ago, those of us in the MKMMA have undertaken the task of the modified Ben Franklin makeover.  That is to say, we focus on a positive trait for one week at a time, which include : kindness, discipline, self control, well-orgainzed, persistence, decisiveness, taking initiative, imagination, courage, enthusiasm, specialized knowledge, pleasing personality, and seeing G-d in others.  These were ordered so that week 1, we are looking for the trait that we feel needs most coaching, all the way down the list ending with what we feel we are the strong traits we have.  

Observing and noticing when we see said trait can be a challenge, sometimes I feel that examples of “well organized” and “discipline” are in hiding.  Of course, those two are at the top of my list, no wonder it has been hard for me to see.

Anyways, this makeover, is more like an archeological dig of our minds.  As “the Greatest Salesman” says, we are “Nature’s greatest miracle”, and all of the above traits are in fact in us, in abundance.  They have just been covered up over the years.  Learning to look in the outer world for them will reflect back what is actually already in us.  So every time I see an example of “discipline”, I am getting closer to my inner discipline and soon that will shine from within and I won’t have to try so hard.  

In the meantime, I will keep wearing my hard-hatImage


6 thoughts on “week 17 – under construction

  1. Hey Jason – love this post! You are not alone – I too have struggled with looking for imagination in others and in myself….it does seem to get easier to spot as the week goes on doesn’t it?

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