week 16 – now here’s a thought

In chapter 16 of the Master Key System we have learned that “thinking is the one great cause in life”.  And it depends on form, quality and vitality.  You see, what we think about and how we think about it makes a huge impact on who we are.  We tend to label things as “good” or “bad”, when in fact they are neither – they just are.  If our thoughts are constructive and harmonious, then we will manifest “good”.  And if our thoughts are destructive and discordant, then we will manifest “bad”.

So, it is up to us to be the observer and choose just how we will think.  The above is in harmony with what we are reading about in The Greatest Salesmen, scroll IV : “Problems heartaches and discouragements are opportunities in disguise”.  Now is that not a warrior’s way to think, as opposed to a victim’s?  

It is hard to be a warrior and easy to be the victim – just look at what’s out there in our world.  But, hold on, wait a second here…Is it hard to be a warrior, or do I just think it is?  Has my past conditioning led me to that thought?  I think that I will instead,  choose the thought that we are born warriors and victors, and that it is in our DNA.   Being a victim is what is hard ,as it goes against what G-d created us to be.

I choose to find the “opportunities in disguise” wherever they may be.  And that is what I think.


4 thoughts on “week 16 – now here’s a thought

  1. Yes, we are in this world to be higher than the mountains, to realize the reason why we are in this world, to be great, to bring good and happiness in this world. We are the master of our live the captain of your soul. And, as you know, to get it we have first to give it. You’re great John. Thanks for your post.

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