week 15 – I can choose what to feed upon


I woke up this morning, realizing that it is 2014 and that I only have about 5 more months until one of the major goals of my Definite Major Purpose must be achieved.  And the gremlins started to sing…How are you going to do it?  You only have a few months to achieve this goal of yours…it won’t happen…you can’t do it…just forget it!

And I have been listening to these songs.  But then I remember my readings, of Mandino, and Haanel – My miracles will not stop at my birth, I will create many many more.  Problems and setbacks are just challenges that can be overcome.  And I must hold on to the image of what I want in order to see it to fruition, not of what I “can’t do” or “don’t want”.

One of the more powerful exercises I have been utilizing is my Flashcards of Gratitude.

We have learned that we can actually cause gratitude to happen as opposed to waiting for it.  Focusing on our accomplishments, even the, like being able to boil an egg,   helps to feed our conscious mind, and ultimately our subconscious a hearty diet of  gratitude and positivity.  This has enabled me to become deaf to those gremlins and hold on to my DMP.


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