Week 14 – go watch a movie

But not just any movie. We were given an assignment this week that actually brought tears to my eyes.
I watched the movie Rudy. I had seen this movie many years ago. But this time I watched it from a different perspective and looking out for some important things.
This movie essentially is about persistence and what is required to be persistent such that a goal is met.
Rudy_Ruettiger was a small guy Dom a small town who said that he would play football for his favourite team at the University of Notre Damme.
They all laughed at him. His family. His brothers. His friends. His teachers. Because he was probably a100lbs too light and a foot too small to be playing college ball.
But this was like a calling for him. And he needed to be persistent in order to make it happen. Persistence, like baking a cake, requires some special ingredients.
So he started with ingredient number 1, A definite major purpose. He wanted more than anything to play for ND. And to prove his doubting family wrong.
His grades were poor. But that didn’t stop him. He kept a positive mental attitude (ingredient number 2) about what he wanted. He developed a plan of action (ingredient number 3) and eventually got accepted to the Notre Damme. And he masterminded with others (ingredient number 4), the football groundskeeper, and Father Cavenaugh,getting some help, advice, and inspiration.
I suppose anybody can be persistent. But it takes the above recipe to actually make something happen.


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