Week 13 – you got the right stuff, baby

The New Kids on the Block may have never sung better words. 🙂

We are all made from the same stuff. And what is that stuff. Well, it’s G-d. Wayne Dyer had once given the example that if you were to take a cup of ocean water, would the water in that cup not be the same as the water in the ocean? Of course, just a smaller amount. Well G-d is the ocean and we are the little cups of ocean water. The same stuff, just to a smaller extent.
Knowing this should empower us. Our minds are all-powerful. And our minds can be like kryptonite, as they can get in the way by limiting what we can achieve.
I believe we are learning that the antidote is gratitude.
Being grateful puts you into a frame of mind that resonates with the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient Being.
Being ungrateful strips all that away and has you resonating with a rock.
Being grateful for what we have can at times be a challenge, especially when we find ourselves washed up on the rocks or in dire straits or dealing with whatever problem plagues us.
But look for it. Close your eyes and then open them – be grateful for your sight. Be grateful for the food you taste; for the friends you have; for your sense of smell even if you are in a kitchen where broccoli eggs and cauliflower are all being cooked at the same time.
For it is gratitude that keeps us in connection with G-d and our higher selves.
I am grateful for so many things, especially for my journey that has led me to this Master Keys Mastermind Alliance.



3 thoughts on “Week 13 – you got the right stuff, baby

  1. Taking the ocean v. cup analogy a step further, perhaps our gratitude is a cupful compared to the ocean of gratitude from beyond. The more you recognise it (give), the more you perceive the enormity of it (receive).

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