Week 11 – it’s a Battle Royale

Just sleep in a little…why are you bothering with this stuff…how can you make this happen…it’s too hard…
And that beat goes on
A third of the way into the MKMMA and my old blueprint is hanging in there, trying to get me back. It’s like a WWE wrestling match sometimes…but a whole bunch of wrestlers in the ring at the same time…trying to distract me and pin me down.
But I will persist. I will win.
Yes, doubt has crept in as to the achievement of my DMP. And yes, I am tempted to entertain that doubt and old blueprint, but then again I am whole perfect strong and powerful living harmonious and happy. Bam! Law of Substitution baby! And I stay the course if my DMP.
I may drop the ball occasionally and not remain faithful to some of my daily exercises, but I keep picking it up and keep on keeping on. I remind myself about enthusiasm. I observe myself breaking my mental diet.
I watch myself sideline my network marketing business. And it’s all good. Because I am WPSPLHH. And…
I will persist.
I will win.


8 thoughts on “Week 11 – it’s a Battle Royale

  1. Jason I wish the battle didn’t continue, I wish it wasn’t so difficult to change. But we will persist, and we will succeed. You’ve encouraged me, thank you!

  2. Jason, so many of us are where you are, but you have clearly become an exceptional observer, which is key to getting to our goals! Keep it up, and you will win the battle and the war!!

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