Week 10 -look out Darwin

Anyone can evolve. Take an idea, make an improvement (or not) and you’ve evolved it.
But to create…Now that takes some spirit. Creative power is what is necessary to make things happen. We just need to create in our mind the thing we want and the Universal mind, which is connected to our mind spirit, will do the rest. “Create the ideal and this ideal should be perfect. “. The ways and means will be shown to us. Just focus and feel the ideal.
I do find this challenging though. The old blueprint keeps nagging at me about how it will be done. And why it can’t work.
Our exercise this week of visualizing or rather creating ,at first a black line on a wall with our mind, which eventually turns into a pylon, has just been plain hard for me. But I persist. And tonight I actually made a line, then a box. For a fleeting moment it was there. Now I must keep up wirh the exercise and practice, and of course,relax. Because that’s the only way it will keep happening.
If I can eventually create a pylon on the wall just by imagining it, then what else will I be able to imagine and create?
What else indeed 😉



4 thoughts on “Week 10 -look out Darwin

    • It’s such a challenge, eh? I finally got it but it was more like a daydream in front of the wall as opposed to the cone being right in the wall.
      And now we are on to a new exercise. But I think I will keep trying this cone one too.

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