week 9 – WPSPLHH

Love is still in the air, albeit not without its challenges.  Reading and repeating that “I greet each day with love in my heart” is easy.  Practising it when confronted can be a challenge.  The first step I have found, is be prepared (Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance 🙂  Alas, that is only the first step.  We must also be the observer, and be aware of our feelings and reactions, so that we can process and respond as opposed to default to our old blueprint’s reactions.  And then we must remember to implement, even if it is after a challenging situation has occurred.  I found that out just yesterday.  I saw myself wanting to react and be angry and upset.  I stopped myself.  I debriefed myself.  I used the Law of Substitution, knowing that only one thought can occupy the mind at a time, and thinking about something I love is much better than thinking of something that makes me angry ( Note – isn’t it funny that our ego wants to think about the angry thought, almost gets a kick out of it)  Anyhow…sometimes it is my dog, and sometimes my kids – those things always bring a loving thought.  But most recently, Haanel taught us about affirming that “I am Whole Perfect Strong and Powerful, Loving Harmonious and Happy”  Now how is that for a substitution!  I love repeating that to myself whether it is to turn myself away from a lingering negative thought or to inject some energy into myself.

We are a creation of G-d,  and so we must be all of those things.  



4 thoughts on “week 9 – WPSPLHH

  1. Jason, Debriefing-great description. I’ve thought of the process as percolating before I begin speaking-something I used with my kids as they were growing up-so they would be more watchful of what they said, and it is so helpful for me too. I love our new affirmation, and I love how you made the acronym-makes it easy to remember.

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