Week 7 having a 20-20 vision

Things are moving and grooving … And effort is required. This is no cake walk.
We are now learning that in order to own our future we must visualize what it will be. Idealization first. Then visualization. And then realization.

But one must know what it must look like. One must be clear about it. And that takes effort. Close your eyes and try to see something, actually focus on it, and not drift away from it, not be distracted. That’s a challenge, even for 10 seconds. I mean unless your an elite Olympian (they are trained in visualization techniques) this would all be very strange to you.
Another challenge is our mental diet. This is a negative-free mindset for one week. That’s what we have been asked to do. The idea is to not entertain a negative thought or let it linger for more than 7 or 8 sec. You might think your a positive person, but once you start this diet, you start to realize all the negative thoughts that pop into your head. With this diet you learn to become aware of your thoughts and the Law of Substitution. Since our mind can only entertain one thought at a time, should we find ourselves dwelling on something negative, we simply think and concentrate on something we love, thereby moving the negative thought out of our mind and maintaining our “diet”.
And like our visualization exercise, this takes some focus.
Focus on the thoughts we are having and the ones we must in order to have a crystal clear vision.


6 thoughts on “Week 7 having a 20-20 vision

  1. Jason-You are so right, “effort is required.” Replacing old habits with good habits; being a non-judgmental observer, the law of substitution put into play when needing a positive thought to replace a negative thought. And it takes focus; 20-20 vision. Thank you for sharing, I did not know the elite Olympians were trained in visualization.

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