Week 6 – love is all you need

Week 6 has arrived in a flash and is almost completed. As the great Beatles had sung ” love love love – love is all you need”. And how true that is.
Og Mandino teaches to “greet this day with love”. For everything we encounter.
And isn’t this the way to open
ourselves up to the universe? Having love in our hearts clears the path to G-d thereby making it easier to stay connected with and achieve our dharma.
Loving the good things in our life is easy. The challenge is finding what there is about the not-so-good things to love. If we can, then we tear down another wall. And the beauty is, we control that. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find what there is to love, but it’s there. And if we focus on that, then we keep the path clear.
Focus, or attention, is something else we learned this past week. Haanel’s teachings talk about how electricity needs a mechanism to attach to, in order to see its effects (hear, light, power). The effects that we see in our lives work the same way. The Universal attaches to our brains, and the conditions and experiences we have are our results.
By changing the way we think, we can change our conditions and experiences and this our results. This takes concentration, or attention, or focus to do.
We live in a world where scattered thought is normal. Where the media bombards us with negativity and worry.
It takes love and focus to rise above and control our outcomes. It isn’t easy. And anything worth having isn’t.


5 thoughts on “Week 6 – love is all you need

  1. Your post was spot on!! Love and focus will change the world without. Very nicely said I enjoyed the post!!! Is it not truly a mastermind event to know that there is another kindred spirit pursuing the desires of their heart. .

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