Week 5 of the mkmma

I ha once read that we must tend to the garden of our mind lest it be overrun with weeds.
In this week’s lesson we learned from Hannel that the subconscious mind takes up 90% of our mental life.
It is always working and bringing into our lives what we want. Or is it?
There are many people put there who would disagree. The poor, the sick, the lonely, the homeless, the victims, the victors, the losers and even the winners. We all at times suffer strife. So why would our subconscious bring it into our lives.
It’s the weeds. Those thoughts of negatively, worry, doubt, anxiety, pressure, etc. They are the weeds.
And they can come from the most innocent places: well meaning friends, handsome and pretty anchormen/women, family, movies and tv. Books and newspapers. Advertisements. They find our way into our conscious and then past our subconscious. We weren’t paying attention to what we let seep into our minds. The most insidious type would be the inherited ones we have in our conscious mind. They are the result of environments of all past generations.
And they all serve to clog up our vast mental storehouse. Like weeds.
And if we aren’t being mindful, and pulling these weeds out when we do them, or even better putting ourselves in an environment where there is a low weed count, then we start to attract and see what it is that’s in our mind. We attract what is being fed to our subconscious mind. And weeds just don’t taste good.
And what’s more is that we all have G-d in us, looking to flourish through and help us lead a great life. But the weeds keep blocking out the flowers.
It’s time to live in the now, be present, and be mindful of just what we allow into our minds and souls.


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