master key week 4

I love where this is going.  We have learned that it is indeed the world within that will create the world without.  And that it starts with “I”.  And just like a drop of water from the ocean is the same water as that of the entire ocean, so too am I one with the G-d and the universe.  And so it goes that I can create my life.

It was pointed out how, in doing these exercises, I have spent so much time on focusing on my chief aim in life.  And it is  true.  In the past, I have read about “neat” ideas, and written out what I want my life to look like.  But, honestly, I never really went back to what I wrote down. This MKMMA though, has me looking and focusing WITH ENTHUSIASM, because I am 100% committed, at my Definite Major Purpose in life.  In the last month, I have thought more about my DMP than I have in all my  43 years.  And I  really  feeling exuberant when doing these exercises.  I can literally feel my blueprint shifting, as my neural net is growing and focusing on the right things.  

I have known about the blueprints we have as individuals, and have been looking for a way to alter and improve mine.  I have found that way.  And am loving the journey.



4 thoughts on “master key week 4

  1. Great post and what an exciting journey! The realization of our potential is amazing! Who would have guessed that this simple phrase “do it now” could make such a big impact in our lives!

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