Week 3 – energy

How can doing the same thing everyday, three times a day not be monotonous? By being enthusiastic and literally transforming my energy level that’s how!
This is week three and I can really feel that a good habit is being ingrained And impressed upon myself. The habit of discipline. Getting up in the morning and actually looking forward to reading the same “the Greatest Salesman” scroll, which I just read a short few hours earlier, is a new kind of experience for me. It’s like brushing my teeth, in that it is becoming a good habit.
I find myself an active participant in creating this good habit and in creating my higher energy level. Reading the GS and my Chief Aim with enthusiasm appears to be tattooing my brain with greatness.
I love that I seem to be building a solid blueprint as opposed to flimsy wishes and hopes. This is not that different from making a homemade pizza – which I have learned to to from scratch. Kneading the dough and putting whatever I like on it and then firing it up is a very similar process to what I have been doing in the mkmma. I have learned to make a delicious pizza. And now I am learning to make a delicious life!



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