Week 2

I am impressing with myself as to my dedication to the mkmma program. I’m getting all the tasks done and with gusto. So far so good. I guess the T&GR program was a pace setter. But that one I was more of an observer. This time I’m a participator.
This old blueprint of mine really has a hold on me. It loves to keep me from right thinking “as if your DMP will work…those timelines aren’t reasonable…you’ll never be able to reach that pin level based on what you do…etc etc”. I guess now I’m really starting to notice it and that’s the first step.
I thought that reading the Mandino book would be too repetitive. But I’m doing it and with fervor too. I believe it is making a difference. I can feel the grooves being placed into my brain building these new habits.
I really believe that I’m going to start seeing some awesome changes in myself and my life!


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